Romantic proposal on the Danube

rent a private boat in Budapest

Intimate events like proposals are best done in discrete environments away from the crowds. Renting a water taxi or a small excursion boat can make this event both personal and unforgettable. We recommend cruises to romantic locations accessible by water, like a river-side restaurant or an uninhabited island.

  • If you plan to make your proposal memorable with an impressive display of elegance and style, we suggest to rent either one of the limousine-like Dunarama water taxis, or Thetis, a beautifully renovated vintage excursion boat. Both of these options are top-notch romantic luxury retro vessels with a close attention on quality of materials, design and overall impression. They are also ideal locations for those glamorous proposal-selfies. If you live your life on social media, you may also be interested in hiring a professional photographer to document the event.
  • If your strategy is to make an unforgettable impression, we recommend renting a larger boat, and request to have it prepared in a single-table arrangement. You can introduce the night as a regular dinner cruise to your partner. The crew will set up the stage with just one dinner table, and load your favorit music. Your proposal will surely be remembered for ever. MS Klara is a very affordable boat to make a big impression. But if you are a serious megalomaniac, go for MS Fanni for just 23 Euros more (hourly). If renting this impressive old-timer boat does not win the heart of your beloved, you’d better look for someone else.
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