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Weddings have their own traditions that excite some people, and bore or embarrass others. But they can also be fun for everyone, if you approach it in a creative way. Imagine this special event of your life taking place on the river Danube with a beautiful scenery that all of your special guests can enjoy. Renting a medium-sized or large event-boat for your wedding to take your friends and family on a river cruise can be an excellent way of renewing old conventions, and creating a pleasant experience for everyone. We recommend romantic cruises combined with an on-board reception or dinner. You can also throw a party and invite musicians to entertain your wedding-guests.

  • If you only plan to invite a very small circle of friends and family, we recommend renting Thetis, a beautifully renovated vintage excursion boat (max. 12 passengers). Thetis is a top-notch romantic luxury retro vessels with a close attention to quality of materials, design and overall look. She will also look perfect on Instagram and Facebook.
  • For medium-sized weddings we recommend renting an excursion boat, an event boat or a party boat. MS Klara is a very affordable boat to host 38 passengers. She is fully equipped with light and audio facilities so that you do not have to worry about how you will play your favorite music. A wireless microphone will make sure that even your grandma will hear your embarrassed muttering.  If you plan to entertain more guests but still stick to the budget line, go for renting the MS Fanni party boat, which is just 23 Euros more (hourly). You can easily seat 50 people on MS Fanny on two separate decks. Both of these charming, low-budget boats have a special atmosphere that can give a pleasant, relaxed tone to your wedding.
  • If you have more than 50 dining guest, you may consider MS Gönyű. This medium-sized event boat was last renovated in 2007. The interior is stylish, but somewhat dated. MS Gönyű can host maximum 68 seated wedding guests.
  • In case your guests expect a representative business-class environment, we recommend to rent the recently (2017) renovated MS Győr event boat. This air-conditioned event boat has all the facilities you will need for a classy friends-and-family party. MS Győr can host 48-68 seated dining passengers on two decks. For only 40 Euros more (per hour), you can get a grand-looking conference boat, MS Budapest. She is equipped with everything you need for your event from audio equipment to projectors and screens. On MS Budapest maximum 230 wedding guests can be seated on two decks, but you can also arrange the event by organizing dining on the lower deck, and party on the upper deck. This luxurious-looking conference boat will certainly impress all your friends and family.
  • Rent a wedding boat in Budapest

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