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The primary factor in selecting a boat for sightseeing in Budapest is the size of your group. Our portfolio of boats includes options from 10 to 500 passengers. All boats can be rented for lower passenger numbers than their respective maximum, but without extra services this will not affect the price, as the whole boat has to be rented.

  • For budget-conscious tours we recommend to rent boats that are built for boat transfers or excursions. These boats can be set up to seat the maximum number of passengers. In some cases the maximum boat capacity does also include standing places. This is indicated in the description of each boat. The make the most of your budget, you can also order a boat where decks can be cleared of seats, so that you can maximize in capacity. This is ideal in case of transfers, like crossing the Danube from a hotel to a boat restaurant, or transporting conference guest from a conference center to nearby Budapest locations like the Margaret island, the Sziget festival island, etc.
  • For sightseeing tours where experience and representation is a priority over price, we recommend to rent one of the event boats, as these can offer larger dining spaces where passengers can have a snack or a chat over a glass of wine, but a full seated meal is also possible. Specific event and conference boats are equipped with audio technology that allows the broadcasting of guiding over all decks. If you want to communicate to all of your guests during the trip, and inform them about the scenery, we recommend picking one of these event or conference boats.

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Please note: maximum boat capacity may change depending on event type. PAX is an international abbreviation for "passenger".

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